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欢迎来问Gaby!基本上它是一个最新的地方,一个月你可以问一下任何东西/一切!完全透明度。我的目的没有遏制。所以没有进一步的ado ......

这是交易 - 我在各种平台上获得了大量的问题,并且有很多重叠。无论是在Snapchat,Facebook,Instagram,Twitter等中......还有一些有趣和有趣的问题,我想我们应该在一个地方回答它们,所以每个人都很容易访问!每隔几周我会加到这篇文章,所以如果你想到你想问我的东西,请在下面的评论中喊出来!(和fyi它按时间顺序排列 - 所以如果您在这里一两次,则滚动最新的添加!!)

Oh man… ok here we go. I was the pickiest eater growing up. No joke. I ate pretty much only pasta and grilled cheese until I got to high school. In high school I started watching a bunch of cooking shows and was obsessed with making鸡帕尔马斯. Literally, thats the only thing I made for the first few years and trust me when I tell you that I make the BEST chicken parm ever. When I got to college, I got chubby REAL fast. Freshman 15? I wish. It was more like the Freshman 25 and I was playing tennis every day too. I had 4 square meals a day (in college we’d go eat a second dinner at 9pm – super healthy… NOT!) and eventually took matters into my own hands and started cooking. After college, I moved down to Los Angeles and got a regular office job. HATED IT, and the company eventually folded. I was only there for about 9 months and rather than go get another job right away, I decided I would go to culinary school and put off the real world for just a bit longer. After culinary school I went to pastry school and meanwhile did the blog as a hobby. I started working as a private chef and the rest is history (aka I’ll fill you in on the next few questions)

我去哪里你会烹饪学校/侦察必威体育app怎么下载mmend going to culinary school?
I did 2 different culinary/pastry programs. The culinary program was at Westlake Culinary Institute, it was a condensed 6 month culinary program and we learned pretty much everything you’d learn at a big fancy culinary school but for a fraction of the price. After culinary school, I immediately enrolled in pastry school (Academy of Culinary Education) because I LOVED it. Plus, who wouldn’t want to make cookies all day. Turns out pastry school isn’t all about cookies and brownies. There are a lot of fancy pastry techniques that weren’t really my jam. I learned how to make puff pastry and all that jazz, ate a ton of sugar, got my first cavity and then peaced out about 3/4th of the way through and said bye!!! Would I recommend going to culinary school? Depends on what you’re interests are post school? I don’t think its MANDATORY but it absolutely helped me in my career. More on that coming shortly…

How did you become a private chef?
While I was in culinary school, I was interviewing to be a nanny for this incredible family in Malibu. I told them I was going to culinary school at the same time and I ended up being their chef and cooking for them for a handful of years. It was incredible, their kitchen is the kitchen of my dreams and I just love them!!! I had a handful of clients while I was working as a private chef and was incredibly fortunate to love all of them (I lucked out – it’s not always so fun or carefree)

我愿意。我认为它真的有助于和给你一些重要的信誉。至少在洛杉矶,每个其他家庭都有私人厨师,他们来自令人难以置信的餐厅,并在世界各地飞行,为客户做饭。所说,我不认为你必须去超级花哨的学校!必威体育app怎么下载和私人厨师的巨大部分是你的个性和性格。您在客户的厨房里花了您的日子,您负责喂养整个家庭。我认为这是你在家里的核心时最亲密的工作之一。因此,具有积极和专业的风度,与您的烹饪学校信誉同样重要。必威体育app怎么下载虽然这不是完全相同的问题 - 我当然认为它有助于我学习如何编写食谱和学习比率。我可以看看一个食谱并告诉你,如果它要上班和/或味道很好,请告诉你蝙蝠。 So that’s a major bonus.



我会诚实 - 这不会发生很多,因为我真的爱我的工作,但是当我觉得它来到它的标志时,我需要摆脱正常的例程并切换事情。这是否打包了冒险,预订A.weekend getaway或者只是做一些新的和刺激和鼓舞人心的事情。这可以像在一家新乐趣的餐厅出去吃午餐一样简单,在我的曲目之外的食物,或作为奢侈和包装我的袋子,并在野生动物园射门2周。对我来说,旅行很重要。它让我打勾。让我灵感。我喜欢结识新朋友并体验新的文化 - 只要我努力这样做,我通常很高兴


How did you meet Thomas?

Oh this is my favorite story to tell besides the story about watching Game of Thrones in the Miami airport a few years ago. But we’ll save that for another time.

I’ve never actually taken the time to write down our story, I always tell it in person so let’s see if I can make this work. Let’s rewind to the high school days and I’ll preface this by saying Thomas is a year older than me. I grew up in Arizona and when it came time to apply to colleges I sent applications to dozens of schools. After I finally narrowed it down (St. Mary’s College of CA up in the Bay Area) and was accepted to be on the women’s tennis team, one of my best friends, Emily, suggested I look at all the athletes on their website and see which teams had the hottest guys. (Totally normal for any 17 year old girl right?) She’s also a year older than me and is equal parts best friend, older sister and life council so she knows whats up

艾米丽来了,我们彻底彻底挑出了SMC网站,篮球​​,橄榄球,棒球,足球,网球,曲棍球等。百款概况后来我们把它缩小到托马斯。他在男士网球队上,他的类型100%。(漂白的头发和所有 - 哈哈哈)几个月后我打包了我的包,搬到了大学,当我对父母说再见并在网球练习上学的第一天见到托马斯时,哭了起来。他向上练习太酷了,我很快就知道了他有一个女朋友。粗鲁的。

I moved on to various other guys but Thomas and I always got paired up to play mixed doubles together and to cross train together when tennis got rained out.我从来没有成为一个好扑克玩家,所以我认为对他来说很有兴趣,我很感兴趣。有一件事导致另一件事,他最终与他的女朋友分手了,终于问了我。我没有任何东西。如果你不知道这篇关于我的情况,我真的只想以自己的方式做事。我们随便约会几个月,但我还没准备好任何忠诚的关系。我之前只有1个其他男朋友,那是在高中,这是如此随便的是一个真正的关系吓到了我。当我和一个来自网球队的一些朋友一起去塔希提蒂时,全部改变了。经过几个太多鸡尾酒一天晚上,我决定在脚踝上纹纹纹身是个好主意。超级逻辑对吗?我们刚从海岸上看到了一大鲸,我很痴迷。 (side note – I’m still obsessed with whales and will drop basically anything to go whale watching anytime anywhere) Before making any major decisions I decided to rack up a giant phone bill and call Thomas to run the idea by him. (He’d met my parents a few times at this point since they would come up to visit and take the mens/womens tennis team out for dinner and knew the family dynamic fairly well) and Thomas was like GABY DALKIN if you get a tattoo while you’ve been drinking in Tahiti your mom will be so mad at you. The rest is history. I came home from Tahiti, he surprised me at my house in Tucson and threw me a big birthday party and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We dated for 6 years starting the end of my sophomore year and then got married about almost 5 years ago.

How do I decide what brands to work with?

Easy! Is it a brand that I love? Is it something that I know my audience would appreciate and love? Is it delicious? Is it a product that I can get behind and incorporate into my everyday life? Is it providing some sort of value or education to my readers? Boom. There you go. I always make sure the brands I partner with are on brand for me personally and my audience. No amount of money is worth sacrificing the trust of you guys – EVER.

What are your top 5 kitchen tools?

1 - 我的全包荷兰烤箱

2 - 我的铜维生素

3 - 目前痴迷于我的即时锅

4 – my厨房用搅拌机

5 – my全球厨师刀

How do you make the food so pretty?

3年前,我意识到我被允许把钱送回我的品牌里,(这是我的全职业务毕竟和大多数公司都有某种概念呢?所以我挖了2个我最好的朋友,马特和亚当帮助我创造一个更具凝聚力的烹饪视觉品牌。是食物摄影师和亚当is a food stylist and between the 3 of us, we come up with all the creative for the images you see here on WGC. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s a little more challenging, but it’s one of my favorite parts of my job.At this point we’re a well oiled machine. Three musketeers in real life!


Nope. Haven’t ever done any paid advertising on my end. But sometimes my brand partners will pay to promote a video on Facebook or something along those lines.


I get this question a LOT. Here’s the deal…. I eat a lot of food. I can put it down and have zero shame in that. But I have to work out on a daily basis to keep that in check. I have a trainer in LA that I try and see about 3 times a week and we run through an hour of circuit training and my ass is officially kicked at the end of each session. I box 2-3 times a week too – best cardio workout ever. I try and do active things when seeing my friends, so we’ll go for a hike or a walk and then grab a coffee or brunch. AND lastly, I rarely drive. In fact I don’t have a car, so I walk everywhere. 10k steps a day minimum!

你参加什么会议,认为值得while when you’re just getting started?

When I first started in the culinary world, I went to just about every conference there was. I think it’s super important to get out there and meet your peers, especially when your job is isolating at times. (I mean, hello, blogging is basically sitting at a computer for a LOT of your time)

These days I go toIACP.大多数年份并发现最好的网络是那里。我喜欢它,因为它不仅仅是数字媒体 - 这是来自所有不同路径的食物,而且可以达到他们并听到他们的故事总是超级鼓舞人心。


是的。首先是第一件事 - 你需要一个名字。什么是Gaby烹饪显然是我所采取的,所以我在线购买了我的域名,我买了一家主人,然后在WordPress上设置商店。起初我的博客只是一个模板,随着时间的推移,我聘请了设计师,编码器和科技大师,以使其可定制和易于使用的用户体验。我认为你是否需要雇用一个门来设计你的博客。我会说从一个模板开始,然后在你开始为它耗尽钱之前钉住你的声音和品牌。有各种各样的设计,一旦你准备好了。起初我聘请了一个设计师为我自定义模板,如200美元。之后我让我的丈夫设计了一个标志并建立了我的网站。他很快就忙于处理我的博客的设计和维护,所以我外包并聘请了一个设计师来创造了什么是Gaby的烹饪身份,然后有一个辉煌的代码Guru / Developer从头开始构建网站。 It’s not cheap but my site is user friendly so that’s a major win!

哦,男人 - 在我开始在WGC上赚取任何资金之前,这是一个很长一段时间。当我第一次开始于2009年开始时,这里有一些便士和广告。在我开始做任何真正的赞助工作之前需要大约3年,从那时起它已经成长。这是一个有趣的事情 - 当我开始博客时,我不知道这是一个可行的收入来源。我真的只是我吹嘘我的朋友和家人关于我在烹饪学校学到的东西。必威体育app怎么下载这些天我认为人们开始博客和instagrams希望赚钱 - 但这并不容易。建立一个以下需要花费很多时间,并且非常重要的信任。有几个优惠,我早点在WGC中提出,我不应该拥有。他们是品牌对我和我的观众来说并不是真正的品牌,所以有一些成长的痛苦。但是全部是关于时间,网络,越来越多的,是真实的和共享有价值的内容。 Once I started really honing in on my brand and messaging, things began to pick up because I had a purpose and a message which is something that I didn’t have in the early days. DON’T START your blog if you’re just in it to make money!!


OMG它每天都会变化。当我回家的时候,我几乎每天都用冰沙开始。午餐是一种快速的某种沙拉 - 那kale caesar salad我几周前做了几天的旋转。或者我会吃冰箱里的剩下的东西或者我可能是那天的食谱测试。晚餐是某种烤鱼或蛋白质,在日子里试图吃干净的鱼类。但这只有大约50%的时间,所以我是关于意大利面食和披萨的其他日子。这完全是关于平衡,所以如果我在午餐时去墙壁,我试着保持晚餐,反之亦然。我不擅长剥夺自己的东西,所以没有什么是禁止的。但我确实尝试和温和。而且为了解决 - 当我在洛杉矶时,我去了崛起运动私人培训每周3次。我在那里痴迷于我的培训师,这是我曾经拥有的最好的锻炼。这是一个60分钟的赛道,我通常会在早期30分钟到达跑步机和伸展几英里。


Unfortunately, I can’t. But feel free to plug the exact ingredients you use into any of the free available online calorie counters!

Do you accept guest posts on your site?



I don’t do product reviews on WGC and I don’t accept free product either. Too much packaging waste! Occasionally I do a sponsored post which often includes some recipe development with a product. If you’re interested in that, shoot me an email and we can talk!





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