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French Canal Boat in Alsace-Lorraine

~ A subtle blend of French and German influence

Half timbered houses ablaze with geranium filled window boxes, little hilltop villages surrounded by vineyards and ornate 17th century towns clinging precariously to the river bank - you will love this region where French culture merges with that of its German neighbor to offer fine cuisine and white wines of the most delicate character.

Places of Special Interest: Strasbourg - the beautiful and ancient first city of Europe - magnificent 11th century cathedral - Sarrebourg - stained glass by Paul Chagall - Chapelle des Cordeliers - Colmar - the wine capital of Alsace - The Arzviller boat lift - The wine village

Regional Cuisine: Charuterie - sausages, salamis and hams - Choucroute garnis - sauerkraut with pork and potatoes. Finest dry wines from reisling, traminer, pinot and sylvaner vines.

Suggested Cruises:  






Canal Marne au Rhin
Out and Back cruise
156 Km 68 locks
37 h of cruising
Canal Marne au Rhin
Out and Back cruise
156 Km 42 locks
33 h h of cruising
Canal Houillères de la Sarre
Out and Back cruise
160 Km 54 locks
35 h of cruising
Canal Marne au Rhin
Canal Rhône au Rhin
One way cruise
106 Km 43 locks
43 h of cruising
CRUISING HINTS: From our main base at Hesse you can cruise West towards Nancy,
or East towards Strasbourg and the Rhine valley. Further South is our relay base at Boofzheim.
Locks are automatic except on the Canal des Houillères de la Sarre.
Green fields and blue Mountains
As the rigors of the continental winter slowly fade away, the fertile plains of Alsace spring to life. The mild weather and the splendid country side join forces to greet the new season in a blaze of colour. Picturebook villages where the balconies burst with flowers while in the shade of the cellars the rich white Alsatian wines slowly improve with each day that passes.


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